Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stampede was fun. Elyan enjoyed the parade... he got lots of "cany". We took him to the carnival wed night and sat night, he loved it. He got scared on some of the rides and would tell me "scerred mommy". It was so cute. Me and Carlos went to the concert and had a good time. Elyas is still a lil small for stampede but he started to crawl last week. He doesn't get up on all fours but he does an army crawl and pushes off with his right leg. It is so cute. Elyan didn't crawl till he was 8 months and I was just amazed when Elyas is only 5 months. He gets around my living room pretty well and so we have to watch him closer. We have a busy week this week and then we are gonna relax on monday when we go to Navajo.... I'm so excited this year I can actually water ski and have a good time. yeah.

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We were all born in wonderful Colorado and love it here because of our families but wish we were at some hot beach instead of the cold snow and wind. I'm a mother of two little monster boys, work at Monte Vista Haircutting Co. cutting hair and also work at Chilis one day a week. Carlos works at Martinez Farms and is trying to finish school and loves to spend time with his boys. Elyan is 2 years old and is a monster/angel. Haha. He loves his cars, horses, and his new thing is coloring. We are trying to potty train and we are getting close. Elyas is our new addition to the family. He was born on the 11th of Feb. He is a chunk and loves to be held and to eat.